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Fraternity Managers Association, Inc | About FMA
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About FMA

About FMA

Fraternity Managers Association was incorporated at The Ohio State University in 1933 and is the oldest running cooperative buying association for Fraternities and Sororities in the world. We are a member of the National Association of Collegiate Cooperatives. Annual purchases of F.M.A members exceed one million dollars a year, giving the co-op members added strength in the local marketplace.  Because F.M.A. is owned by its members, annual profits are returned to the members and community through scholarships and grants. With help of its membership, F.M.A. has developed into a cooperative that provides effective and customized services that assist its members in the management of their chapters.

How is F.M.A. operated?

FraternityManagers Association is a prime national example of inter-fraternity cooperatives. Over fifty fraternities and sororities work together through their own non-profit buying and management association creating a buying power that could not be possible for a single chapter.

Who can become a member of F.M.A.?

Any officially recognized student organization at The Ohio State University can become a member of F.M.A.

How is F.M.A. governed?

The member fraternities and sororities govern through the following:

  1. All chapters send a voting delegate to the Annual Meeting. The delegates elect their Board of Directors and give suggestions and comments to the board.
  2. The Board of Directors is composed of Alumni, Undergraduates, University Representatives, and IFC and PHA representatives.

How does it work?

Bids are extended to merchants. These bids are evaluated in consideration of service, quality, price, delivery minimums, etc. Contracts are then rewarded to the merchant by the Board of Trustee for a period of one year. Members can obtain a list of approved vendors for quick reference and telephone numbers through a merchant directory available at the F.M.A. office.

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Who represents the Board of Trustees? 


Three-Year Term Trustees (Voting):

Steve Kuebler – Chairman, Delta Tau Delta

Maura Baylor – Alpha Xi Delta

Mari-jean Siehl – Alpha Chi Omega

Alan Veatch – Beta Theta Pi

Representatives (Voting):

Kayla Cartwright – PHA President
Jake Severyn – IFC President
Kim Monteaux De Freitas – Director of Sorority & Fraternity Life


One-Year Term Trustees (Voting):

Jace Kuck – Farmhouse Fraternity

Marisa Lancaster – Alpha Chi Omega

Christopher O’Neil – Phi Gamma Delta

Stephanie Riddiford – Alpha Gamma Delta

Sam Shkolnik – Zeta Beta Tau

Aishu Tallikar – Kappa Delta

Ex-Officio (Non-Voting):

Holly Smither